DIY Teleprompter – English Tutorial

Teleprompters are great. Everyone thinks you are a heroe, because you look him or her directly in the eyes while speaking freely and fluently. Especially for videos, which you may not comment in your mother tongue, this is especially relaxing. Then you can distribute your three synapses equally to the 3 basic features necessary for a YouTube video: speaking, breathing, grin.

I use the following components for my improvised teleprompter:

  • Tripod
  • Magic Arm
  • 7 inch HD TFT screen with sun visor and external power supply
  •  my camera, a Sony Alpha 6000 with 50mm / 1.8 or 35mm / 1.8 lens and external power supply
  • 3D printed combined Camera and Glass mount from Thingiverse. I have modified it by adding an Arca-Swiss tripod plate to the design
  • tablet or smartphone with a Teleprompter app
  • glass plate from a picture frame with bluetape around the edges so that you do not cut yourself and touch the plate without leaving fingerprints.
  • an old black t-shirt


  • Remote control for the camera
  • Velcro
  • Photo ClampsThe 3d files for the camera and glass mount I got from Thingiverse. I have modified it by adding an Arca-Swiss tripod exchange plate, also found in Thingiverse. I uploaded the STL file for the modified mount to Thingiverse, feel free to use it.  My 3D printer is a UP! 3D Mini by Tiertime. I got it a while ago at a well-known German coffee-maker for very little money and I am still very satisfied. As filament I prefer to use the super cheap eSun ABS from Hobbyking. Costs almost nothing and works very well in my hands.

Mount the tripod, clamp the holder, secure the camera. Insert the glass plate
I attach the MagicArm with the screen to the pullout of the tripod, then I can put the tablet or smartphone simply on top of the sun screen.
Now cover the whole thing with the black T-shirt. Since I stupidly bought the Alpha 6000 in the silver-colored version, I have to cover the camera with the T-shirt fabric somehow, otherwise I can see it through the glass plate which is a little irritating. Velcro can help.

The sound quality of theA6000 microphone is tolerable, but not outstanding. This now is the sound of the internal microphones of the A6000. This is why I mounted a ZOOM H5N audio recorder to the tripod for external audio recording.
Now you listen to audio recorded with the ZOOM H5N, which hangs on the tripod with the stereo microphones pointing directly at me. Still not a high end sound, but way better for this purpose and for me sufficiently good. I have a Lavalier microphone in addition but I do not use it very frequently here in my studio. 

So, and now I only have to start camera and audio recorder, clap hands a few times to synchronize the audio tracks later, start Teleprompter APP and here we go.

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