Bionic Runner Gardening: Stealthies, Squirt Lube, Chain Tension

A few months ago, I tried a new lubricant on my mountain bike chain that I am very satisfied with: Squirt Lube.
Squirt Lube is a chain wax that works very well for me. The big advantage is that the chain no longer attracts dirt. Even if I ride my bike through a completely muddy forest, the chain and sprockets look like they’re being licked afterwards.

Despite using chain tensioners, I have the problem that the chain tension decreases after a short time. Although I tighten the axle bolts with approximately 40 nm, the axle somehow slips and the chain tension decreases. So I got these fan discs and will install them instead of the chain tensioners. The future will show how well or how bad it will work.

The stealthies are newly developed rollers that no longer require lubricant on the rails. That’s a huge advantage. The downside is that the new rollers wear out. It remains to be seen how fast that will happen.


Und inzwischen habe ich auch die deutsche Fassung des Videos hochgeladen:

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